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Modern, energy efficient uPVC, aluminium and timber windows for homeowners throughout Sussex and into Kent

uPVC casement windows with georgian barsView photo gallery >Upgrading your single glazed or old double glazed windows can refresh the look of your home and keep it warmer during colder weather.

With A Touch of Glass you have the option of premium quality aluminium, timber or uPVC windows in a range of styles, including casement windows and tilt and turn windows. With so much choice available you’re sure to find the right style to fit in with your home’s look.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with our A rated windows

Not only will our windows look fantastic in your home they can help you save on your heating bills too. Our A rated windows are designed to help insulate your home against the cold and stop inside heat from escaping. With a warmer home you can afford to have your heating off for longer, saving you money on your energy bills.

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uPVC products

Low-maintenance – No product is truly ‘maintenance-free’ but uPVC is close. It never needs painting or staining and can be cleaned simply using a warm, damp cloth.

Thicker frames – uPVC isn’t as strong as aluminium or timber. Windows and doors made from this material need thicker frames to support the weight which impacts the overall appearance.

Aluminium products

Strength – Because it’s so strong, products made using aluminium feature slimmer frames than uPVC or timber, allowing more light to enter your home and offering a wider view to outside.

Aluminium is seen as a ‘cold’ material and has previously had a bad reputation when it comes to thermal insulation. Whilst older aluminium systems aren’t very energy efficient, modern advances mean today’s equivalents can meet, and even exceed, the thermal efficiency of uPVC.

Timber products

Beautiful aesthetics – Nothing beats the traditional charm of timber, and no wooden window, door or conservatory is ever the same as the next, giving your home a completely unique style.

Higher maintenance – Although the horror stories of timber rotting after a few years are false, timber products do require more maintenance than uPVC or aluminium. But the end result is definitely worth it.